The Characteristics of a Sacred Healed Heart Woman

A Sacred Healing Hearts Woman

Her essence is Sparkling
Her essence is Shining
Her essence cannot be bottled nor captured
When she enters a room, she is captivating
She is Fire
She is Wind
She is Water
She is Earth
She is the frequency and vibration of the air
Her energy is magnetic and mesmerizing
Her heart holds the secrets of the universe
There is none like her, she is everything
The sway of her hips and the curve of her lips
Her eyes drink you in and her smile brightens your soul
She has that “something” you cannot understand nor define
She is rapture and heaven on earth
Her suppleness is felt in every move
She is the Dance of Life
Her presence quenches thirst and feeds the soul
She is Divinity
She is Whole
She is Calm and Peace in Motion
She is a Gift and Holds the Keys
She is Wisdom’s Breath
She is Sensual and Sensuous
She is Wild, Unburdened, Joyful and
She is Delightful and Delighted
She is aligned and connected to the Divine
She is a Whole Woman with Vision and moves in her Purpose
She is a Woman with a Sacred Healed Heart
© 2020 Toni Burbridge

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