Peace be Still

It’s in stillness, the quiet, the early morning before dawn when there is still dew on the ground and the world is still asleep; this is when the dawn of ideas come; this is when things are the most clear; this is when I breath in the newness of the day with understanding of what it is that I need to do next.

After moving through years of healing work. After moving through years of drama, traumas, trying, trying, trying to “MAKE” thing work. Breathing in the divine breath of life each day, each morning, each moment. Having immense gratitude for each day. It wasn’t an easy move to step into who I am becoming. Staying in the spaces and places I have always been would have been easier. Shedding everything I have known my entire life, wasn’t easy but it was essential for becoming. It was essential for gaining peace. Letting go of everything that was to step into everything that will be. I’ve been called brave numerous time in the past few months. Brave to up and leave a life I always knew and move across the United States for a life that’s not clearly defined as of yet. I am defining as I go along. I’ve been called an inspiration. I’ve been told that my story and what I have to offer the world is necessary. Well, it all came in the stillness of a walk April 2019. I heard sell your home. With no other instructions and it was with peace that I made every move to uproot, shed, dump, give away, and prepare as much as anyone can when they make a life transition this big. I would not say that any of it was easy, but I had peace the entire time and I still do.

“Be still and know that I am God…” Ps 46:10

Peace, Be still…

This keeps resonating in my soul – Peace, “Be still and know that I am God…” Ps 46:10 What does Be still mean? Cease doing, striving, just R E L A X! When we come to stillness in our own soul – it’s when peace comes. No one gets to disturb my peace. NO ONE! I have done so much work to come to this place. The house and state was just one level of release. There were multiple layers to that release internally and externally. With deep peace, comes deep joy.

Peace, Be Still began when…

  • I released what I had no control over.
  • I listened internally.
  • I got still enough to hear.

How to begin, by allowing the release…

Release is exactly that, I often speak to people about releasing what is not theirs to own. Purging and puking on paper is one tool and technique I utilize with my clients to get them out of their heads, their own way and the clenching they’re holding in their bodies.

What does that look like? Literally writing every thought that comes to mind for 20 minutes or three pages front/back – whichever is first. Doing this for a minimum of 6 weeks and burn it each day – DO NOT READ! I do this ceremonial and imagine that the smoke is releasing what is not mine up to God. God gets to deal with those things I have no control over. You can shred it in a shredder too. The point is to get the emotions out of your body.

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