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Apr 11 2022

Peace be Still

It's in stillness, the quiet, the early morning before dawn when there is still dew on the ground and the world is still asleep; this is when the dawn of ideas come; this is when things are the ...
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Feb 10 2022


Ahhhhhhhh - exhale. Take a deep breath in and exhale. The process of becoming who we always were is a process of shedding who we became because of what was put onto us from parental expectations, school programming, ...
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Feb 8 2022

Collecting Broken Birds

Relationship Stories One of the saddest things I have observed is the relationship stories we tell to support, perpetrate and allow the same type of people into our lives to support our own narrative. As I listened to ...
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Jan 28 2022

Moving Past Thoughts, Fears and Beliefs

Whatever I (you) believe and give credence to, is my (your) absolute and unadulterated truth. What I have learned is FEAR IS STILL THERE. The question is, how much control do I give over to the fear. I've ...
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Dec 8 2021

Match Energy – Content in My Own Presence

I've been reflecting the past few days since the following quote showed up on my Facebook timeline. I don't chase after people anymore. If they like spending time with me, they will do so. If not, I am ...
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Nov 20 2021

Speaking Truth through Authentic Communication

Have you ever felt silenced or that you could not speak up? Speaking truth through authentic communication can be hard if you have come from a space (childhood or relationship) where you were constantly silenced, bringing your voice ...
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Nov 18 2021

Anxiety, Fear and Breathing

Anxiety and fear can grip at a moments notice. Things can seemingly be normal then suddenly, TRIGGER: sweaty palms, constricted throat, inability to speak, unable to breathe even to the point of being propelled back into a situation, ...
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Nov 2 2021

What seeds are you planting?

Every word, every action, every inaction - sows a seed. Seeds grow into beauty or choking weeds and vines. The fruit of those seeds show in our lives as blessings or consequences. It is natural order. When love, ...
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Oct 14 2021

The Characteristics of a Sacred Healed Heart Woman

A Sacred Healing Hearts Woman Her essence is Sparkling Her essence is Shining Her essence cannot be bottled nor captured When she enters a room, she is captivating She is Fire She is Wind She is Water She ...
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Oct 6 2021


The eagle soars above the clouds with laser sharp eyes. We say free as a bird. But even the eagle is bound by gravity and how high it can actually soar. The eagle can fly for miles and ...
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Oct 2 2021

Forgiveness – A Missing Link

Step back and imagine what it would feel like to have complete peace, no matter what is going on in this chaotic world. Breath in the light, the energy and feel your entire being filled with peace. It ...
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Sep 28 2021


What is healing when our world feels so heavy? How do we heal from a Global Perspective? We are bombarded with “EVERYTHING MATTERS” in ALL forms of media: Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Fat Girls Matter, Skinny ...
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Sep 25 2021

Trauma vs. Anger

How to process emotions?Emotions are tricky! They can appear to us in unexpected ways and in places we don’t want them to show up. Processing through emotions is (as you will hear me state through out my blog ...
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Sep 23 2021

Healing Heart Life

Living a life from a healed space is one of choice. And when you choose to forgive and heal, it looks like:    You choose to live in LOVE. You choose to live in JOY. You choose to ...
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