Moving Past Thoughts, Fears and Beliefs

Whatever I (you) believe and give credence to, is my (your) absolute and unadulterated truth. What I have learned is FEAR IS STILL THERE. The question is, how much control do I give over to the fear.

I’ve been told on numerous occasions I am inspiring and brave. Well the truth is I am just micro-steps in front of fear. I have wanted to travel and move for many, many years. So, mid-2019 I began making steps towards selling my home. I began researching where I would move. I significantly purged and reduced my household. I moved across the United States from the Pacific Northwest (PNW) to the Southeast. Is this my final destination, I do not know the answer to that question. I am open to the possibilities before me. Leaving behind everything I have ever known, was scary and a huge step. I’d been in the same house for the vast majority of my life (my childhood home). I’d lived in the PNW my entire life. The steps took time and it was challenging, but I made the move through the fear and into the boldness.

Nothing binds you except your thoughts; nothing limits you except your fear; and nothing controls you except your beliefs. ~ Marianne Williamson

I challenge my own truth and belief systems on a regular basis, especially when something may be “trigger”. I do this in several ways listed below:

  • Step back and breathe.
  • Analyze, is this how I really want my mindset and life to be?
  • Prayer and meditation (this is going internal for me to hear the answers).
  • I speak with my inner circle at least on a bi-weekly basis. I really encourage you to find a positive inner circle to plug into as part of your support system.
  • Read new material to challenge my thought patterns.
  • Journal and free-flow writing (unedited writing).
  • Release the stories, change the stories = Law of Attraction.

I am unwilling to let any perceived obstacle stand in my way of having what is for me. So, I will challenge my thoughts, my beliefs, my behaviors, my patterns, my stories and all that has the potential to stand in the way of the best me there is and my future self.

Take a moment to ask these questions of yourself:

  • Will I remain stuck in what I have always believed, my fear, my behaviors, my patterns and my stories?
  • Will I challenge my fears?
  • Will I challenge my beliefs?
  • Will I challenge my behaviors?
  • Will I challenge my patterns?
  • Will I challenge my stories?

Moving past the old takes boldness and looking within to undo what may be programmed mindset. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. And be of service to yourself to be bold and move past your past.

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