Ahhhhhhhh – exhale. Take a deep breath in and exhale.

The process of becoming who we always were is a process of shedding who we became because of what was put onto us from parental expectations, school programming, societal programming, peer programming, the list goes on of what we take on and into our being.

I am in the process of shedding and becoming. In order to do this, I have had to face hard truths about myself and ask questions: Where I am going? What have I done to this point? What I am currently doing? Who do I want to be? What impact do I want to make in this world?

I have huge vision, but if I don’t step out of my own way, those visions will not come to fruition. If I listen so some of the voices in the back of my head from childhood, teen, early adulthood, even 5 years ago it can halt me in my steps.

Doing the internal work has been a quintessential component in my ability to shift. Becoming comes at a cost of shedding what I knew to become who I really want to be. The shift is remarkable and I have not been the same again.

I have been in process of defining my programs so you too can shift out of a life that is not serving your essence, your lifeforce, your joy.

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