What is healing when our world feels so heavy? How do we heal from a Global Perspective? We are bombarded with “EVERYTHING MATTERS” in ALL forms of media: Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Fat Girls Matter, Skinny Girls Matter, Dogs Matter.

STOP, FOCUS AND ASK YOURSELF: What is it at the CORE that matters to you?

You are a WHOLE Human Being that has Vision, Hopes, Dreams and a set of CORE values that bring about what matters (it might be buried). Healing is a decision. Healing one heart and one person at a time to bring WHOLENESS. Standing in your oneness: Body, Soul, Mind and Spirit. You are an amazing created being, you have absolute choice of what you will ingest into your mind through your eyes and ear that will hold in you being (your heart, body, and soul) and if you choose to heal, it will open up your spirit for and incredible amount of knowledge, wisdom, love and peace that you never knew existed.

The choice is yours to be to begin your healing heart journey to your whole self. Once you’ve healed, your Vision clears, your Purpose reveals itself and then you can extend your hand to the next person and help them to heal or know where to connect them.

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