Forgiveness – A Missing Link

Step back and imagine what it would feel like to have complete peace, no matter what is going on in this chaotic world. Breath in the light, the energy and feel your entire being filled with peace. It may feel like a babbling brook, a child’s laughter, the wisp of a gentle warm summer’s breeze. You can have unwavering internal peace. And there is often an overlooked key piece to having peace. It’s forgiveness.

There are multiple keys to forgiveness, but it’s all your decision. It starts with you, your personal forgiveness of self, then it extends to others. Forgiveness is not for the other person. Forgiveness is not a forgetting of trauma or hurt. What forgiveness does is release the connections that tie us to another human being, the anger, hate, malice, hurt, victimization and a multitude of emotions that hold us in bondage to that person.

When you truly deeply forgive yourself and others, that’s when peace becomes present in our lives. When the person who hurts us, did the wrong-doing, traumatized us etc and they enter our presence, we are unaffected.

The Journey to a Sacred Healed Heart begins with a decision to Heal.

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