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Meet Toni Burbridge

Your Elevation Expert

Working on yourself is never an easy journey.  However, I have dedicated the last 14 years on learning and studying the sacred healing practices of forgiveness work and healing circles.  My professional accomplishments are many and I have degrees that allow me to show up powerfully in the corporate world.

I know what it’s like to live with that nagging feeling that you’re meant for more, yet feeling completely overwhelmed about how to make it happen. After living a better part of my adult life burying trauma and anguish, I know what the decision to heal entails. I can honestly say that my smile is genuine and my heart is pure.  I want to help more women like you feel the same when they see their reflection in the mirror. 

Your Best Self is Healed


The Journey to a Sacred Healed Heart begins with a decision to Heal.

My journey has been one that I did not have to face alone and I am thankful for it! There are many steps to make sure you are prepared to heal. It begins with purging your Mind, Heart, Spirit, Body and Physical Spaces. This opens your heart to learn how to invite order and the steps to realign and recalibrate your internal compass.

You can heal.
You can live as your best self.
Let's start the journey together.

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